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Let us introduce It’s Physics – gaming practical, remote access lab, brief course, portfolio of school-children and teachers and competitions.

Main goal is to involve children in learning.

PC games have integrated into children’s life. We use them for education and make education a way to entertain. Edutainment is developing around the world, it’s an educational method used for science. Now out-of-date education in many countries does not meet today’s requirements. There is another approach – learning through PC game, implementation of modern IT and protocols. It opens natural sciences to a bigger number of children.

The project enables school-children check their knowledge and make a name among educational establishments we are engaged with.

Gaming practical includes 40 quest scenarios which base on physical principles and have different levels. Passing games a user (a school-child) gets bonus points which can be used for prizes or for making a name among specialized educational establishments. Among the prizes one finds T-shirts, ball caps, shorts, school-bags with the project’s logo and factual books. Facing difficulties at passing the quest a user can address to the related lesson without leaving the web-portal. Project languages are: Russian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French. So far, Russian is the main communication mean, we have initiated translation into English.

Remote access lab enables various experiments which one can control through our web-portal.

Personal account, portfolio, atmosphere of competition, contests, points and discussions of solutions and ways join users who build scientific society, elite of tomorrow. Stylish items with logos are decorations for those who have won it due to their intelligence.

Target audience includes school-children as well as interested adults.

The project was started with internal funds, it is placed at the web-domain which belongs to creators of the project.

We kindly ask for your support.

Supporting our project you donate into the intellectual future of our children and our country. Your support is a noble act which reaps big rewards – brilliant reputation and good name.


A.L. Popov, project leader

For further information feel free to contact us via